Happy three to my baby

Three years ago at about this time, my water broke after what felt like eons (read: 41 weeks) of pregnancy, and eight hours later I delivered this charming little monkey:

Gwen and Roar

Of course, at the time, she looked more like this…

Minutes old - photo by Evelyn Conrad (yourbirthconnection.com)

The addition of Miss Guinevere made our family complete.

The whole family -- photo by Evelyn Conrad (yourbirthconnection.com)

It also marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

My babies

She’s grown too fast, but as I am quick to remind her, she’ll always be my baby girl.

serious cute

Happy birthday, Gwen. Thanks for keeping us on our toes from the beginning. :)


Five and Two

I love these photos; they illustrate the girls’ different personalities perfectly.

Ellie is cautious, but still curious, and does everything at her own pace. She refused to touch the frog without pulling her sleeves over her hands, and just look at the reserve-slash-wonder on her face! Priceless.

Gwen is relaxed, not afraid to get her hands dirty, and wild but gentle. Note the mischievous finger-in-the-mouth grin. She was responsible for capturing the frog, and then she kissed it. Twice.

Two weeks

Random X-Files artwork; oh, nostalgia!

Random X-Files artwork; oh, nostalgia!

In a radical change of pace, I’m taking two weeks off; my vacation started on Monday. It doesn’t sound like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, because it’s not, but this is the first time I’ve taken more than ten consecutive days since college (not counting maternity leaves).

We’re not planning to travel, and Tim is still working, so I’m using the extra time to draw, write, hang out with the kids, and just generally do whatever I want. I know the time off is good for me, but it feels almost decadent. It’s also really hard to be away from work — to the point where I’ve had to create a new user account on my computer to avoid getting distracted by email and Slack — which I suppose is a good sign.

In typical me fashion, I’m distracting myself by making a to-do list, which is a very wrong or very right way to spend my time off, depending on how you look at it.

  • Day trip to Fredericton
  • Go see Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Date night
  • Finish MaddAddam
  • Get my third book to 60k words
  • Finish 2 1 more short fic draft
  • Write five blog posts
  • Finish Hannibal season 2
  • Draw things! Lots of things!
  • Walks

This week, I’m having way too much fun designing X-Files fan art posters, and working on my fics, and just generally being creative. Vacation doesn’t look much different from my regular work day, but the type of work I’m doing is different. It’s a welcome, self-enforced artistic retreat.


That time of year…

Autumn appears to have arrived in northern Maine a bit earlier than usual. We spent the morning doing yard work. A large branch from one of the apple trees came down, so we salvaged what fruit we could from the ground; most were too tart for good eating, but perfect for baking, so I decided to make a crisp. The house smells like fall.