Automattic Grand Meetup 2014

Tim and I spent last week in Park City, Utah, for our company’s annual grand meetup. After much discussion, laughter, food, and games, I am feeling both energized and exhausted by the experience — a pretty common post-meetup feeling.

Happy three to my baby

Three years ago at about this time, my water broke after what felt like eons (read: 41 weeks) of pregnancy, and eight hours later I delivered this charming little monkey:

Gwen and Roar

Of course, at the time, she looked more like this…

Minutes old - photo by Evelyn Conrad (

The addition of Miss Guinevere made our family complete.

The whole family -- photo by Evelyn Conrad (

It also marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

My babies

She’s grown too fast, but as I am quick to remind her, she’ll always be my baby girl.

serious cute

Happy birthday, Gwen. Thanks for keeping us on our toes from the beginning. :)


Five and Two

I love these photos; they illustrate the girls’ different personalities perfectly.

Ellie is cautious, but still curious, and does everything at her own pace. She refused to touch the frog without pulling her sleeves over her hands, and just look at the reserve-slash-wonder on her face! Priceless.

Gwen is relaxed, not afraid to get her hands dirty, and wild but gentle. Note the mischievous finger-in-the-mouth grin. She was responsible for capturing the frog, and then she kissed it. Twice.