one day!

We’re only one day from new X-Files episodes, and it has me feeling nostalgic. I’ve written about this before, but it’s hitting me full force being so close to the revival.

I can’t help but feel lucky that I get to experience this again; the excitement, the anticipation, the highs and lows. It’s a treat to have something that was so influential in my childhood come to life, and still mean as much to me today as it did when I was 14.

I’m grateful for the chance to relive the joy of being a fan. It’s easy to forget — when you’re an adult doing Very Important Adult Things — how crucial it is to play, to revel, to be unabashedly excited about something.

Even if the revival sucks, I can’t walk away feeling disappointed, because the experience is more than the new episodes; it’s the sum of everything that came before it, and that will come after it.

I’m just thankful I’ll have birthday cake on hand so I can mitigate the inevitable emotional damage with food…

2015 in review

Well, unlike 2014’s “maintenance year”, 2015 has been a doozy. I wanted to say something elegant or profound to sum it up, but looking back through my posts, I’ve done a lot of navel-gazing already, so I’ll keep this list-like.

I set out to make 2015 the year of being kinder to myself, and I think I’ve succeeded in that. I’ve become better at questioning my thoughts to the point where I can defuse most unkind inclinations before they take root. I still have anxiety, and I don’t think that will ever go away, but it’s had less of an impact thanks to healthier ways of coping. So, A+ on the mental health front this year. Kudos, brain, for not being such a dick!

My dad passed away suddenly in the spring, which prompted a lot of introspection and shuffled my priorities in a big way. I’m coming out of this year feeling like a changed person, with a new appreciation for my family’s resilience.

I celebrated fifteen years with this guy, who went through some major changes of his own. Tim left his job at Automattic to stay home and be my houseboy a full-time parent and writer, and I’m grateful and glad we made that happen.

Meanwhile, I now lead the Theme Team and am privileged to work with truly awesome people at a company that continues to make me proud to be part of it (we’re hiring!) I worked on approximately 32 themes, and I think my favorite of the bunch is Libre.

This year, Ellie started first grade and Gwen started Pre-K, and having two school-aged children in the house — and out of the house — is surreal (or maybe we’ve just forgotten what silence sounds like). I love that they’re old enough for us to have common interests; I spent most of Christmas break playing Exploding Kittens and building LEGOs. We’ve had our fair share of struggles — they’ve grown not only in inches, but in opinions — but at the end of each day, when I tuck them into bed (sometimes for the fifth or sixth time…I’m looking at you, Gwen) and tell them I love them, I mean it from the bottom of my (sometimes grouchy Mama) heart.

My favorite TV show of all time is coming back! The X-Files is my indulgent escape from reality. I’m going to miss mulling over spoilers and set pictures and speculative fanfic when the revival ends. Until then, I’ll just be over here, fangirling.

Speaking of fangirling, I finished my X-Files trilogy after nearly two years of writing and revising and revising and revising. I also wrote a few short fics.

I revamped Calobee Doodles, and barely drew enough to continue calling myself an illustrator. I need about six more hours in a day to keep up with all these hobbies!

I finally settled into our house and spruced it up a bit.

I spent more time with friends.

I surprised myself and got a tattoo.

I’ve traveled to Hawaii, Park City, Boston, Keswick, Lisbon, and New York City.

Looking ahead, I haven’t set any concrete goals, but I have a few ideas…

I’d like to make it through the long winter with a mostly positive attitude.

There will be more traveling for work and pleasure.

More writing, more reading, more drawing, more time with my family and friends. Always.

Most of all, I hope 2016 takes it easy on us during this next trip around the sun. And in the unfortunate event it’s not so kind, let me get through it with grace.